The religion of peace explained

In this time, there are thousands of people who convert to Islam. The believers are making effort to promote the religion. On the internet, you can see advertisements about the goodness and the belief of Islam. Many view it as beautiful and they submit to be a Muslim even if they came from other nationality where Islam believers are few. There came a question then of what they saw in the teaching of the religion that makes them become a believer.

You can see in the image how the converts are very happy with what they have chosen. What have they understood that makes them willingly changed their religion?

One of the presentation on the social media explained it. It is because being a Muslim is already in the heart and that those who have listened to it found out that it is what they are waiting for. The light then connects and so they are now enlightened and stay on the religion that fulfills what they need. The words they have found is given by the prophet.

The population of non-muslims who became Muslims is increasing as more have found the light that makes them realize what is good and they also adhere to promote peace.

But the other face of Islam that have been haunting many people cannot be taken away from them and so they cannot understand what is the light that people who converted to Islam had seen or received. Because they know that the ones were written before can be changed and what is written at a more current date is what should prevail so they understood the later side of the harder teaching of Islam.