The grievous sins of Islam

In every religion, we know that sins will not give us anything good but only curse and punishment. In Islam, there are major sins and minor sins. This is also the belief of other religions so they also have a list of the major sins and the minor sins. Let us also know some of the major sins of Islam that all believerĀ of Islam should not do.

One of the sins is when you equate God with anything or when you believe another other than Allah. This is unacceptable and you must not commit it.

Killing someone without the proper approval of the sharia is a major sin. Killing someone with the proper reason should be approved by the sharia. Also, accusing a woman who is married to the charge of adultery is a major sin and it should not be committed also by any believer who wants to be saved.

Do not misbehave to your parents as it is also one of the sins that are listed as a major sin. Not following what they told you or to let their feelings be hurt is one way of disobeying your parents. If you are a Muslim, do not do it but revere your parents and follow their words.

Other sins include the practice of magic or the witchcraft, robbery or theft, drinking or the deed of eating blood, to drink a liquor that will intoxicate, and many more sins.

There are more sins that you should not avoid according to the law so that you can be able to not be punished and be welcomed by the grave.