Beautiful beliefs that Islam teach

Many people just view Islam as different and it is not good because of what was usually heard and read about the deeds of some of the believers. Though there are many Muslims around the world, they can have differences in their own beliefs though they have the foundation that every believer should know and not forget.

This religion is rising in the number of converts so you should also take time to know and understand so you will understand the faith. Here are some of the belief in Islam.

The chapter of Mary in the Quran.  The Muslim also held Mary as the highest and highly respected her. That is why a whole chapter of the Quran is for her.

A Muslim is not one if he does not believe in Jesus. Maybe many people do not know that Muslim believe in Jesus because of little knowledge about the religion.

God does not need anything. All people living in this world needs many things to live and survive on this earth while we are still breathing and on this earth. But God does not need anything like humans. He does not need food, or shelter, or clothes. That is why the application of being divine is only applicable to God.

The God. This is the literal translation of the word that Muslim refer to God. Most people know this word and when they listen to the word Islam they naturally think of the word Allah. As they are directing it to the God who created everything so they use the word to differentiate it from other gods being worshiped.

Jesus was not the one crucified. Jesus did not yet finish His work and so He was raised up to heaven and He is not the one that was crucified.