Introducing the 6 great women in the eyes of Islam with explanation

As many different religions exist, there are also differences in belief. But even if there are many differences there are also the similarities. In other religions, they have the influential women that they revere. In the one church, they revere Mary and respect her and view her as the most blessed woman as she is the mother of Jesus. In other religion, they view her highly also and additionally believe that she will be the heavenly queen of the kingdom of heaven. Let’s look at the side of Islam.

You can see in the infographic the different women that Muslims respect and value and they have faith in them as Muslims. The number one of them is mary that is worshipped by other religions. Islam also respects her and understand her position as very great as Allah has blessed her especially know more 泰雅旅遊. But in Islam, she is not the only one that is valued but also other women who have importance or relationship in the life of the prophet and in Islam itself.

Another woman which is a slave but respected in Islam is Hagar as she is the ancestor of the prophet of Islam. She also has her own faith in what God has prepared for her. So she does what was instructed to her. Another woman is the wife of the prophet that is the first woman who accepted the religion of Islam 台胞證辦理 外交部. You can also read about Fatima the daughter of the prophet and Asiyah and Zainab.