The 17 process of doing the Hajj presented step by step

Not many people know what is this term. They can wonder what does it mean. But the believers know easily that this is the pilgrimage that is done annually to the considered holy place for the Muslim, Mecca. It is one of the very important events that believers should take part even once only in their lifetime. The adult Muslim who can afford to go should be able to participate in it as a sacred duty for the betterment of the belief and realizations.

You can now read in the infographic the detailed steps so that you can also keep your duty. If you know the steps and the places where you should go then you now have an idea what to prepare and how much to prepare. As Muslims are located around the world so the expenses and costs are not the same. But the process and the realizations would be great that you would feel complete as a Muslim when you participate in this annual event.

You can see in the image how great is the number of believers who are preparing and participating in the pilgrimage. By the image alone you can see that there are many Muslims that has a strong faith in the religion. Even if they come from far places, they gather and participate in the pilgrimage. The faith should be with action and that is what they are showing by the image above of the believers who have gathered and getting ready for the Hajj.