Zakat: Explanation of the basic concept of the almsgiving practice

If you will study Islam you can realize that the religion itself is the culture and custom of the people. One example is the practice of prayer at the appointed times. Only the Muslim do and you can know that they are a Muslim when they do it. It is the same with the culture of a place. You can know someone if he does something as it became their identity like the bowing made by Japanese people. Today let’s learn one Islam practice.

You may have heard this when you have a neighbor that is a Muslim or you stay in a Muslim country. There is a requirement of the Zakat. You can see in the infographic the list of those who should give the Zakat and the amount of the extra wealth they can give as Zakat. It is a way of showing compassion to someone who is in need of fee for travel here 台胞證費用. If a person does not have the capacity then he is not required to give Zakat.

The time that it should be given is illustrated as it should be given when one lunar year is completed. You can also know how it is to be given. It can be direct to the recipient or through an agent. There are eight groups or classification of people that could receive the zakat from this agency renewal process 台胞證期限. It includes a poor person, a slave that is about to be freed, traveler, someone who is in debt, a convert, a zakat collector, and person in extreme poverty.