Islamic veils guide: The 13 kinds of veils and their description and image

In this article, it is the time that you will know of the different veils that are worn by the women who are of Islam religion. The list has thirteen kinds of veils with their names, description, and image to better understand and know them. Even if they have the same law of having to wear a veil but they also have differences on the style of a veil and how it should be worn and when to be worn. Let us see the list.

The hijab is what is the widely known type of the veil. Sometimes it can refer to all the other kinds of a veil. You can see its description as there are also differences in accordance with the size and also the shape. There are those who cover only the head and neck but leave the face clear and there are also the ones who cover part of the face and reveal only the parts of the eyes but there are also the ones who cover entirely the face having a mesh screen. Consult to this agency to help you travel here 卡式台胞證. One of the best agency that helps you achieve your dream travel destination.

They can also be different in the colors as there are usually black veils but they can be in different colors. Some of the names of the veil are burqa, nijab, pashmina, khimar, and gele which is a headwrap and is worn in the parts of Africa in the western area. There is the tudong that is for the Malaysian and Indonesian woman. Visit this place and get your visa photo from this agency service 台胞證照片. The dupatta and Ameera are also in the list above.