Essentials to being a Muslim: The five pillars of Islam

When you choose to become a Muslim you should be able to learn the things that are required for you as a Muslim. In this article, let us know the five pillars of the Islam religion that every Muslim and especially the newly converted Muslims. When you become an employee of a company with their own rules and regulations you should follow. It is the same in this five pillar of the Islam religion. Let us know then each of the five in the infographic below.

The first pillar is the declaration of your faith in the god known to Islam and that is Allah. This is the very popular word and you must know it from the very beginning. You should say the sentence that you are accepting and recognizing Allah as the one and only true god that you will believe. You should also declare and recognize that Muhammad is the one sent by Allah as the prophet. The second is that you should pray for the appointed times set. And after you can have your meals from this restaurant. You can view link also in here. Check some details.

The number three in the pillar is the practice of zakat. This is required to those who have the capacity to give to those who are in need. There is a required amount that should be given but applicable to those who have extra income to give. After searching, you can have your tea time from this company 川丰餐飲. The number four is that you should also participate in the fasting during the required time in Ramadan and the last is that you should go to the pilgrimage that is called Hajj.